Domino Trust

The Domino Trust seeks to build a capital base to ensure the long-term sustainability of the community development work of The Domino Foundation, in order to reduce the reliance on donor funding. The sole beneficiary of The Domino Trust is The Domino Foundation.

The Domino Trust has been established in order:

  • to manage capital funds
  • to create opportunities for parties to contribute to the future of The Domino Foundation.

  • To look another human being in the eye, particularly one who has lost everything, restores reality to the way we see the world around us.Cathy Whittle
  • Red Light changed my life in so many ways. God is so good, He never left me all this time ... not once. So many things He has done for me. Wow, I am so happy all I can do is cry.- Hope, Red Light Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative
  • By transacting with Domino Business you will be directly contributing to the long term sustainability of The Domino Foundation.- Mickey Wilkins